Italy, the land of opportunity for domainers

Italy, the land of opportunity for domainers

Italy, the land of opportunity for domainers

Imagine you go 15 years back… when there wasn’t internet broadband, 95% of business was not online (and traditional), and the domaining was more or less in its infancy.

Dear domainers, what would you do if you had this chance, and a few dollars to run down? The answer is obvious …

It’s like asking: if you were able to go back a few years would you buy some premium .coms for few dollars, or some Bitcoins?

Unfortunately travelling through time is not possible. Or is it?


Welcome to Italy!


Some data:
According to the European Commission, Italy “is the last in the EU regarding the diffusion of 30Mps broadband and the coverage of new generation access networks”.

“Their progress is slower than in the rest of european continent” the Commission said.

Furthermore, “the quality of lines of the existing broadband, in terms of speed, seems to be very lower than the EU average” and in Italy only 18.4% of subscribers benefit of speeds greater than 10 Mbps compared to 66% of the rest of Europe.

Source: newspaper “Repubblica“.


We are late, there are some areas in Italy where more than 80% people cannot access to the broadband. In other words they cannot use the Internet!

Source: Italian Ministry of Economic Development



In other Countries such data were recorded in the last century.


Italy is famous for its tourism, but I advise you to come here also for a time travel. That’s not an opportunity that often occurs.

The market of domains in Italy is constantly growing, but we are still at the beginning and it is at the beginning that you invest to make money, in every Country, even in my “technologically backward” Italy.


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